MB 036: Serve Your Way To Magic Success With Dean Hankey


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Serve Your Way

To Magic Success

It’s not about sales, it’s about service

Get a big ol’ dose of work and life inspiration with Deano from Reno. The Dean of Success, Dean Hankey,  takes an all you can eat buffet of knowledge and wisdom and packages it into a bite sized ‘podcast to go’ of actionable tips.

In This Episode We Discuss:

Is there a better way to answer your phone than to say Hello, How can I help you?

How To be more interested than interesting.

Why you SHOULD be using the power of video to emotionally connect with future clients.

Dean tips his alternative to phoning potential clients on the phone that can build upon the advantages that clients like to do business with people they know like and trust.

Success is a verb that requires action and it doesn’t care how you feel

Knowledge is only as powerful as the action that is applied to it.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Speak teach and preach … make it better for your audience .. don’t be a boring speaker.

What’s stopping you getting off your big fat couch?

Your show should be a  30-60 min vacation for your audience

MAGIC: Make A Giant Impact Charis – magically

Resolve to Evolve …. grow your career and keep growing and evolving.

Never leave the site of a human interaction without creating value.

VIP  Value Impact Profit

KEYS  Keep Educating Your Self



Links and resources discussed in this episode:

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University of Success Facebook group – One of Dean’s Facebook groups


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  • Michelle Uulf

    I love Dean’s approach, his passion for giving (not selling) his service, making the most of his calling in life. It’s great to hear fresh “activational” podcasts like this, thank you!

  • “Hello? This is Christine with Knoxville Party Magic… how can I serve you?” My new way to answer my phone! Thanks Dean!

    • jillschmidt

      How have your potential clients responded?

      • Having a hard time remembering to say that! Old habits are hard to break!

  • AJ Tha Sac

    just finishing up my first attempt at a video followup for a client. Genius stuff!

    • I’ve been using this idea for a while now. I don’t do it every time. I used it in conjunction with doubling my fees on a few occasions and I landed each one of the bookings.

  • Some great actionable (or I guess I should say activational) advice in this podcast!

    I recently heard the video reply suggestion from someone else, and they were almost loathe to part with it. They said that they felt that in years of giving people marketing advice, it was the MOST valuable suggestion they had ever made.

    Did anyone else get the Steve Martin reference (hint – it’s around the 25 minute mark) ? Nice one, Dean!

    Definitely sign up for Dean’s Facebook group, and get his VIP Keys to Success. I know he’s been seen a bit around the Magician Business group giving out some great tips, but there’s more great information in his group!

  • Graham

    As usual Dean nails it could listen to this guy for days oh I did when he came and visited and if I only remember 10 % of the stuff he taught I will be super successful

  • Dean Hankey

    WOW… Thanks Ya’all! – This one was more of a
    “Money Making Marketing Magic MINDSET” kind of thing for some reason
    which IS important and a KEY distinction in getting real and massive results
    for sure! – LOVE ‘strategies’ and proven, profit-producing systems and
    methodology as well, but if you GET that “Others Oriented Success
    Solutions” perspective then ALL of the killer ‘strategy, tips, tricks
    & techniques’ that we all teach work 10 times better! – The good news is
    that I get to make 90+% of all the income and impact comes from applying these
    systems by using them in the world’ MOST perfect profit-producing business
    model on the planet of giving away “free & easy money” by
    levering the insights of adding irresistible value of various forms of ‘fund
    raising’ type business solutions… WHO could say NO to Free Money? – – Whoo