MB 034: Seasonal Work For Magicians


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Seasonal Work For Magicians

The Hi’s and Ho’s of Becoming a Professional Santa


It’s true. Santa spends the whole year working to bring joy to so many. We know because we asked him … well we asked THEM. The secrets out, yes, there is more than one. Plus Santas are going hi tech. In this episode learn some of the tips and techniques of a 21st century ‘Smart’ Santa.

Stephen Gillham and Leon McBryde are two entertainers who work year round as Santas. We caught up with them in a noisy corridor at the Kidabra Kids Magic Convention in Tennessee.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • The difference of Santa not being a magician but magical things happen when Santa is around.
  • Using the stage that exists in people’s mind to take them on a journey back into their childhood.
  • Living up to society’s ideals of what Santa is.
  • The 3 types of Santa: family, community, professional
  • What you need to be a Santa
  • Creative ideas to add to your Christmas magic shows
  • How to educate clients to the benefits of employing a Santa character
  • The HUGE marketing advantage Santas have … and how to play this to your advantage
  • Even Santas need up to date marketing photos
  • What is a Smart Santa? Find out
  • A simple way to grow an audience of children from a few to hundreds
  • What is the power of wrinkles
  • Career opportunities for Santas

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Contact Leon McBryde through his ProKnows.com site

Contact Stephen Gillham through TriangleSanta.com

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  • AJ Tha Sac

    Has anyone seen the Documentary “I am Santa Claus”? It is available on Netflix. I watched it after listening to this podcast and it touched on a lot of the points discussed. It also gave an interesting peek at the different types of performers that have been discussed throughout the year. Ex) the one’s just waiting around for the gig, the super marketers, etc…

  • It’s obvious that you have been through all the issues that could have come up and have ironed them out. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I could definitely see myself doing this not only later, but even now (I’m not exactly young). A couple of questions I had:
    1) Do you have your costumes custom made, or is there a place that you would recommend to get a Santa costume?
    2) I know with other costumed characters that sweating can be a problem. Is it a problem in the Santa costume? If so, do you do anything special to deal with it (built in cooling systems or anything like that) ?
    3) How often do you clean you costumes?
    4) Do you keep multiple costumes in case of accidents (children can be unpredictable) ?