MB 032: How To Run A Weekly Mentalism Show With Eric Citron


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How To Run

A Weekly Mentalism Show

 or: Find a hotel and make it attractive for them to allow you to showcase your act to lead to private bookings.


Eric Citron went from doing corporate trade shows to performing kids and family shows, the opposite of most magicians stories. The life on the road worked until the stresses on family life made him seek work closer to home.  Then the  300-500 show a year workload of the kids/family market wore him down too. Looking for a happy medium Eric found mentalism . He discovered local hotels had empty function rooms that were not bringing in money. He simply asked if he could play his Totally Mental Show in these empty rooms. The answer might surprise you ….


In This Episode We Discuss:


  • Working and travelling with a wife and a young family … the upsides and the downsides
  • His Totally Mental Show he does weekly at a local hotel
  • It’s a one-man, family friendly mind reading  parlour show
  • Finding venues for your show is probably easier than you think
  • What do hotels want?
  • “Cure For The Boring Mondays” … What is this?
  • Starting at the top with the general manager and working down
  • How long should your show be?
  • Creating the opportunity for hotels to serve food and drinks
  • How to split the money between the performer and the hotel
  • Using the hotel facilities to market in-house
  • Using ‘rack’ cards to market outside the venue
  • How to create ‘ambassadors’ for your show
  • Using your local chamber of commerce
  • Using the hotel’s mailing list to your advantage
  • Getting paid to showcase your act for private bookers


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Eric got his cards printed at Vistaprint

Contact Eric at  magicbusinessuniversity@gmail.com

Find out about the Magic Business University Conference

Eric’s performing site  New Jersey Mindreader 


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  • Awesome job with this podcast… I’m amazed at the variety of opportunities available to everyone in this industry. I loved hearing about Eric’s journey and how his “dream” is to retire doing mentalism on cruise ships. I’m sure he’ll have no problem getting that sort of gig! Would love to attend Magic Business University – especially with the discounts your offering… unfortunately I’m always out of the country at that time of the year!

  • Just finished listening to this podcast I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I used to do mentalism, and was talked into doing kids shows instead. This podcast made me wish I never sold my mentalism DVD’s!

  • Great Episode! This one really hit home fore me as I am in an intimate illusion show that is currently running monthly. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping Eric may be able to answer.

    1. What kind of fee structure are you using for your ticket sales? (I would love to know the amounts you charge but I’ll understand if you don’t want to share that too.) I’m really more interested in knowing if your tickets are all one price, or do you offer “VIP seats” for a premium?

    2. Do you have assigned seats or general admission seating?

    3. Who takes the tickets for you at the door? Is this something you handle or does the hotel staff lend a hand in this process?

    Thanks again Eric for sharing so much in this episode. And thank you Julian and Ken for running this awesome podcast and magic experience!


    • Hi john, I missed this. Just sent message to Eric to come and reply 🙂

    • Hi. First thanks for the great feedback!
      1. As far as structure normally charge $15 for pre sales and $20 at the door, for my normal weekly shows. But I sometimes combine dinner pkgs. with show tickets. As an example for new year eve’s at a local hotel I am offering a dinner/show pkg. for $49.99. I had the hotel develop a limited menu in which I am purchasing from them for $25 pp. So at $49.99 I my net is just about $25pp.

      2.I only offer general seating/no V.I.P tickets.

      3. I use paypal, through my site, so I have all the paperwork. I meet and greet everyone who comes to the show as they come in. I like having the chance to meet the people prior to the show. I feel by by meeting them as they come in it makes for a better show experience. I get a sense of who is in the audience..(good or bad).
      Hope this helps..

      Happy Holidays


      • Thanks Eric,

        I actually read this a while back on my phone but couldn’t respond at the time. I was so motivated by your episode that I booked my own event at the venue my friend and I use. I’m going to do 1 night and if all goes well I may expand it to once a month and so on.

        I do have one last question. How do you handle late comers or “walk ins” to the show if you are already on stage?

        Thanks again for all of your input, I’m really pumped about this!

  • Craig McKee

    Hi there! I know I’m late coming in to this discussion, but I was wondering how you combined the discount if they bought something from a store and had a receipt, with the online PayPal ticketing? With no human to say ” That’s great, you bought from Store X – I can see the receipt – here is $5 off!” how does the discount get handled?