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Ep31Dominic Reyes Merchant of Magic


 Online Magic Shops With Dominic Reyes from
Merchant of Magic

How your magic performer business can improve using the same techniques of customer service, customer tracking and relationship building that good online magic businesses implement


Dominic Reyes set out to help people improve their magic performing skills and to earn a little money on the side. Sales took off and the all consuming work of fulfilling orders and getting them out the door squashed his immediate dreams of helping other magicians. After 14 years in the magic shop business he has found ways to create a good balance between giving and providing security for his family. There is so much we can all implement contained within this interview with Dominic Reyes …

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How helping others is good for you both ethically and to improve sales / bookings
  • The concept of reciprocity in business
  • A KILLER email tip that you can use today
  • Are you struggling maintaining your interest in magic? Are you alone on this?
  • Mentoring is vanishing along with brick and mortar magic shops. Are you affected by this and don’t realize?
  • Hear Dominic’s advice for magicians starting out
  • His relationship with TV magicians like Dynamo and how he got to be in this position
  • Do you want to start a magic shop? What are the hurdles? What are the benefits?
  • The biggest problem beginners face
  • Dominic talks candidly about his biggest failure in online business and what he is doing to overcome it.


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Find Dominic’s podcast episodes here at Merchant of Magic Blog

Dominic’s online magic shop Merchant of Magic

Merchant of Magic Facebook page

Check out the Magic Business University Conference that Ken and Julian are supporting


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  • Garth

    OMG this guy just told my story. Started a juggling business in South Africa in exactly the same way and now have a hugely successful balloon business in Australia.

    Some fantastic tips on mailing lists, customer relations etc in this interview, shall be implementing very soon 🙂

    Thanks for doing this Ken and Dominic

    Garth ( aka the Jolly Juggler and JayJay the Balloonguy)

    • Garth I remember those early days on the rooftop at Rosebank and I watched with awe as your business grew and grew. What a journey.

    • Thanks Garth. Yep, It’s a great feeling to build something up slowly. It’s small steps, but a big learning curve 🙂

  • steve wick

    Fantastic Interview!! So much info on building relationships. I am subscribed to Dominic’s emails,I have no idea how I got on his list, but this guy really does just keep giving. I regularly check out his blogs and am always impressed with the quality of information he has to offer. There really is so much to take on from this interview and use in my own business. Thanks Ken, Julian and of course Dominic.

    • You’re welcome Steve. Happy to help! Hows the magic going at the moment?

      • steve wick

        Dominic, the magic is great and the business is moving forward nicely. Do you find there is a percentage ratio of customers that just want their product and have no interest in creating an on going relationship? I have found that about 20 -30 percent of my bookings are this way,

        • Yes, there’s a percentage and that’s normal. It’s part of our job to segment those customers so they can be looked after in a different way.

          For example, a parent buying a magic set for a child has no interest in being helped to practice better. By using segmentation, you can identify those customers and cater better to them. They may want product suggestions later in the year as xmas approaches, or when the birthday comes around again. The key is to define your customer Persona’s, so you can segment your customers depending on their type and their needs.

          Customer persona’s are just as important for magicians marketing their services, as for magic shops. Who are your customers? Parents, schools, wedding planners, venues, etc etc. How could you make sure you have a distinct product/service for each type of persona, and a distinct way to communicate that product to each persona group?

          There are some customers that do not want an ongoing relationship. If a customer does not want to hear from you, they can opt-out, and that should be made very easy to do. In fact you should actively promote customers to opt-out if they don’t want to engage, because it keeps your list clean and your stats good. The first time I contact a new subscriber, I tell them right at the beginning that I don’t want to spam them so they are welcome to ‘click here if you would rather not hear from me’.

          Your marketing system should also allow you to identify customers that are not engaging with your content over time, so you can attempt to reengage them, or remove them from your list.

          Hope this helps

          • steve wick

            Thanks Dominic that makes a lot of sense. I think sometimes we get caught up in making our lists long instead of productive and useful.
            Cheers Steve

  • Thank for having me on the show. I brushed lightly over a lot of topics, so if anyone wants more info or has any questions, just let me know. Wishing you the best wish your magic!

  • Much enjoyed the podcast today. As with Steve, I’m not sure how I got on Dominic’s email list but I’m happy I am. I know that these emails are not sent out personally from him but they certainly look and sound like they do – although I’ve never called on him, I love that he always asks if I need help with something… makes it very personal.

    I’m impressed by his one year warranty – I had one experience with a large magic shop here in the US where I actually spoke to the sales person and told her exactly what I needed – I couldn’t make out from description online if it met my needs. When I got my drawer, it was way too big and heavy. I called and was given a store credit. Of course I had to pay shipping both ways. 6 weeks later I had to call to request my store credit – they’d never acknowledged receipt of the return but I had a postal receipt. I ended up buying items I’ve never used… and I’ll never buy from them again.

    Thank you for a great interview!

    • Thanks Christine
      You know, many of those emails are personally from me. I often drop subscribers a personal email just to ask a question, find out how things are going, and just stay in touch. I also make sure I persoanlly read every reply. It’s fun, social, and also it’s a constant source of new ideas for the blog and for ways to grow the business.

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad time with that other store. It’s a shame because they probably made a little money from that single sale, but lost you as a customer, and probably everyone else that you tell about it.

      People do use the return service, and it costs a substancial amount of money to take those returns on the chin (we just have to right it off) but even from a cold hearted business point of view, we just couldn’t buy the goodwill and word of mouth it generates even if we threw many many more times the money that it costs to provide.

      Wishing you the best and let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you

  • Even though I’ve only bought a couple of things from Dominic’s shop due to me being in the US, I can vouch first hand for the fact that he was much more interested in helping me out even though he knew I was in the states.

    Great tip about getting a reply for avoiding spam filters and segmenting lists!

    I’ve posted on the group about some of the ebooks, they are fantastic!

    I actually have a real magic shop not far from my house, but it doesn’t really seem like magicians ever hang out there and the main person behind he counter, while nice, isn’t all that knowledgeable.

    Regarding a story with a magic store:
    My only remarkable story with a magic shop is unfortunately a bad one. I was looking for a particular item and found it at Rock Ridge Magic. I had a couple of good transactions and then I spoke with the owner who seemed like a nice fellow said that he would look into getting some things they didn’t carry (but are available) for me. I would check back every so often and he never got them, but every time he would apologize and assure me that he would get them for me. After a couple of months, he hadn’t gotten them and then he tried to offer me a “deal” on some things that he couldn’t possible be selling at the price he offered them to me at for the “deal”. And they weren’t even all magic items. I told him that the “deal” he offered me seemed like he was trying to rip me off and he didn’t even deny it, just said he was sorry and that maybe we would be better off not dealing with each other any more. Considering I had actually bought from him several times already, it seemed very strange, but I just make sure I never order from them again.