MB 052: Marketing Coaching for Magicians with Ken Dyne


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052 Ken Dyne Gigflow Magician Business Podcast


Marketing Coaching for Magicians with Ken Dyne

Ken Dyne has an established career as one of the worlds leading mentalists and he joins us on the Magician Business podcast just days before his Penguin Live lecture.

Listen in as Ken shares thirteen years of his personal learning experience gained marketing into the corporate, after dinner and cruse ship market.

Ken has coached many performing artists and helped them take their business to the next level. In this episode he shares some of the insights from GigFlow which is the distillation of his most effective coaching techniques.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Find out what the number 1 mistake is that many magicians are making in their marketing and just how to fix it.
  • Learn his secrets as he openly discusses what marketing strategies he uses to keep his diary full.
  • Discover the most underused marketing method and how you can leverage it.
  • Find out the truth of why marketing can sometimes be difficult for magicians and how you can turn that around.

Resources mentioned:

Ken Dynes’ GiG Flow where you are guaranteed gigs in 30 days or your money back.

Bairn by Ken Dyne : The book that was voted “the best mentalism product of 2014”.

A free Business Planning tool for magicians

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  • Curtis The Mentalist

    Ken is fully of brilliant thinking, as always. What a remarkable young man. Also, I love his sense of humor. Amazing amounts of practical advice. I’ve been through the Gig Flow course and still implementing it; starting with networking groups, client definition, etc. I have also been using some of his stuff from Bairn in my shows with great effect (not the routines themselves, but some of the theory and ideas). Fantastic stuff if you are a corporate entertainer especially.

  • Curtis The Mentalist

    I do have a couple of things I’d like to ask/mention concerning the 100%-paid-up-front-fees. I’ve been a long-time user of the 50% deposit/50% Day of Show payment process, but believe Ken is spot on with this. My concerns are:

    1) What is the contingency plan? In the event of sickness, run over by freight train, tornado hits your car on the way to the gig…do you refund the client’s money typically or endeavor to book a fellow entertainer to fill the spot? I know that this is rare, but it does happen. Just wondering what Ken’s experience has been with this, if any.

    2) What are your terms? (Forgive me if you covered this already) Do you simply send out the proposal/contract and tell them “the sooner the better” or “not booked until I receive signed contract and payment” or do you give them a drop-dead date that the fee and contract is good for and then hope to see the check soon? I think I know what I would do, but again wondering what Ken’s typical practices are or any pitfalls he would mention to avoid.

    • Kennedy

      Hi Curtis, great questions – I understand your concerns.

      In relation to your first point, I have and will perform with headaches, migraines, and all kinds of illnesses. I can tell you, you’re a lot more motivated to go delight that client if you know you’re going to have to reach in to your bank and refund their money. In an extreme circumstance, the contingency is, I find a replacement or I refund them their money.

      Your second question, I just email them the contract with a 30-day invoice.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      – K

      • Curtis The Mentalist

        Absolutely, Ken. Thanks!

    • Curtis The Mentalist

      Thanks, Ken. As you can tell, I assumed as much but wanted to see if you did anything differently. I work pretty hard at staying healthy (healthy eater, exercise at the gym daily, etc.), but at my age (46), I do find my body doing things I have no control over(!), so being mindful of such things is important. You’re absolutely right about letting the thought of a refund being a great motivator.

      All of the reasoning behind getting paid completely upfront is very sound. I’m implementing it from here on as well. I have some clients that this is just easier for anyway, and they’ll just do it. The new ones, as you shared, are non-the-wiser.

      Thanks for the reply! All the best to you, Ken!

  • This is a great podcast, very inspiring. I just published a children’s book in January, and so I’m entering a new market: Elementary school author visits. My client is now the school librarian instead of the Parent Teacher Association. I’m super excited about this change, as I just naturally have more in common with a librarian than a parent, and we share a lot of the same goals.

    Ken, you asked us to share our strategy. So far, I’m joining the California School Library Association and am going to apply to be a presenter at the conference in February. I’ve had excellent success with conventions for other markets, so I feel confident I’ll at least get some good networking opportunities, and maybe become “famous” in this niche, as you talked about in the podcast. I’m also doing snail mailings to the librarians close to me and plan to make some personal visits as well. I’ll also be hiring a librarian to help me tailor my author visits to what librarians are looking for, including making sure to cover grade-level educational standards.

    The second part of my strategy is that I’m signing up for your GigFlow program and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up during my busy summer reading show season so I’ll be right on track to start booking things when the schools open again at the end of August. My September is usually pretty empty, and my first major goal is to change that!

    I can’t believe I’m so excited about adding more to my workload this summer.

  • Curtis The Mentalist

    I just wanted to mention that I just booked a gig for a corporate client in Denver, Colorado today. It was my first client that I have told that I require 100% of fees upfront. I will admit that I was a bit shocked that they DIDN’T BAT AN EYE! She called me directly to let me know not only that she was excited that I was available, but she was eager to book me and is cutting the check today. They are large company so I’m not too worried about the funds. In addition to this, she is going to comp a room for me so that I don’t have to cover that expense myself (which I usually do), even though I figured it into the bid. I wish I had tried doing this years ago. What a motivator! Thanks Ken for your very valuable advice.