MB 047: Flash Paper For Magicians


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Steve Lawrence Magician Business ep 47

Flash Paper For Magicians

Storage Myths, Insurance and Safety

Magicians love using flash paper, flash cotton, flash string and stage pyrotechnics. In a world where the use of fire in performance is becoming more difficult we thought it timely to Steve Lawrence who imports, sells and uses everything from flash products thorough to grand firework displays to get the low down on handling, storage, safety and insurance.

In this episode we discuss:


What is flash paper?

What are the chemicals?

Where else are these chemicals found?

How serious is correct handling and storage?

How does spontaneous combustion happen?

Is it necessary to have flash paper wet to transport it?

Where and how should you store flash paper?

How long will they last?

What quality products exist?

How do you know if you have good quality? or not?

Safety … outline the steps you carry out

Insurance: Where is fire banned? Where is it allowed?


Resources mentioned:

See Steve at Geelong Fireworks

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  • N Jay Jaybo Holtz

    Was interesting to listen to this episode. But as I have stated on Facebook NO FIRE in any way shape or form for my audiences. Thank you for the information..

  • steve wick

    Great information and a lot of urban myths have been put to rest. Just a sub note on Theatres Isolating for pyro effects. Here in Australia a lot of the regional theatres and some of the bigger ones too are no longer allowing isolation due to insurance problems. This means that even a smoke or fog machine can’t be used in these venues. With all that said however, good flash paper is highly unlikely to set off an alarm when used as a magical effect in these venues. The real question is are you going to pay the Fire Brigade bill if it does 🙂