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Ep24MarvinBerglas form Marvins Magic

Marvin’s Magic Marketing Tips

marvin profile 5Marvin Berglas is the man behind the number one brand in magic worldwide, Marvin’s Magic. Marvin’s Magic develop, manufacture and  distribute magic products in 64 countries to a range of people from beginners to executives. The company has been in existence for 25 years and has outlets in some of the most prestigious retail outlets in the world including Harrods and Hamleys Toy Shop. Marvin’s Magic sets have set so many youngsters on the road to magic and I am sure some of you reading this will have started with a Marvin’s Magic kit of your own.

Marvin Berglas shares his experience and insight in this interview on the Magician Business Podcast. This is a value packed episode lead by a man who has taken his love for magic and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Marvin shares so much in this episode as we journey from the importance of branding to your most valuable commodity, your own intergraty.

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In this episode we talk about

  • Marvin’s full name and who he is named after.
  • Learn how attention to detail can take you from good to being the best.
  • The importance of having a sales process that includes asking for business.
  • How to walk in the shoes of your booker and set yourself apart.
  • How to deliver what your booker wants by doing a needs analysis.
  • Multiple revenue steams, what they are and how to create them.
  • The importance of marketing to your existing customer base.
  • How giving credible and honest advice can increase bookings.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Marvins Magic Website: http://www.marvinsmagic.com

Marvin as a performer: http://marvinsmagic.com/online/marvin-berglas/index.html 

Marvins Magic School: http://www.marvinsmagicschool.co.uk

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  • Is he very well well known in the US? His items look nice, but I didn’t recognize the name, and a quick search shows the freaky body illusions more than the other magic.

    • This was a surprise to Ken that people in the US didn’t know him. He is such a big figure in UK magic. Some things just don’t translate across the pond.

      • I’ve often been surprised, even when traveling inside the US, how much the names change for everything, not just magic.

        There are brands you see every day so you just presume they are all over and then you go a few states away and you expect to see them and they don’t even exist.

  • Make your client’s first experience with magic be a good one.
    So important! I still can’t understand the number of magicians that think that if a place hires someone that is bad, it’s okay because they’ll hire another magician the next time (and it might be them instead of the bad one). The reality is, magic seems to be one of the few things where if a booker has a bad experience, they just don’t go back. If they have a bad singer, they’ll get another singer the next time, but if they have a bad magician, it’s rare that they would get another magician. This is one of the many reasons I am so grateful to Julian and Ken – I feel that they have helped to make me a better magician and more importantly, a better entertainer and are striving to raise the level of all magicians!