MB 018: Marketing With Images to Get More Bookings


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Marketing With Images to Get More Bookings


80% of what your booker remembers when they visit your website is visual. This means your images, graphics and the videos are your most effective tools to covert browsers into bookers.

Colette Kelly is a professional photographer with a special skill. Colette has been photographing magic shows and magicians for over a decade and she has discovered the formula for catching the emotion of the show in an image. Colette shows us how certain images create an subconscious buying desire and how you can use them to get bookings.

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Colette is married to a magician and she herself  works as Doodle the lady Magician. Colette is a performer and lecturer and the official photographer for the UK Kids and Family entertainers convention Trix In the Stix.
Colette shares the secrets of big business advertisers as she describes just what it is that bookers are looking to buy from entertainers. See how a single image generated over $1000 in bookings in a 28 day period.

In this episode we talk about

  • Why bookers don’t want to book a magic show
  • Cute aggression, the concept and how to use its power
  • What the money shot is
  • How to get the money shot
  • How to use the money shot to get bookings

I hope you will find the information of use in getting great images for your website. Please feel free to share this page with colleges and friends and take the time to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to say how you are using the Money Shot in your business.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

The latest update on Magic Website Duel

Ken’s Magic website


Photography model release form generator! 



A fast, easy and customisable slideshow maker.



The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5, like graphics, composites, logo design , etc.!


Find your photographer here


PicMonkey Tutorial

Photographers Brief Gallery of Must Have Shots

In the Money Shot lecture notes there is a brief for a hired photographer.
Here is a gallery of a few example images that will help the photographer interpret the brief.


Example Image Gallery

Tutorial Videos

Julian Mather has kindly made us some superb videos that will give you understanding of how a camera works, how you can get great pictures for your website and how to use a free tool to make smart composite pictures. Tip: These can be viewed in full screen mode for clear detail.

How a camera works

Pictures for your website

Smart graphics and combining pictures

Please take a moment to leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Meet the Author

Ken Kelly

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  • steve wick

    Thanks so much for sharing all of that Colette.
    The first thing that I got out of it was that my “Money Shot” (far from perfect) had over time been bumped further and further down the page and was sitting right at the bottom.
    I love the 80/20 rule. I have a photo gallery page on my site, and have been playing with the idea of removing it all together. After listening to this, I think I might remove it and scatter a few high quality shots throughout the site.

    • That’s great Steve. a tip: crop your pic to the top of the ear of the boy on the far left. it’ll make it ‘pop’ a little better

      • steve wick

        Thanks Julian 🙂 that is an amazing difference!

        • Julian Mather

          We aim to please at Magician Business. Cropping images is a whole topic on it’s own which we will be covering.

    • Hi Steve, it is a great shot, well done. You can condense the impact by doing like Julian suggests – don’t be scared to ‘cut some tops of heads’ off – you wan the concentration on the children’s expressions.
      Great idea to scatter the images throughout your site. You can keep the gallery as well. Don’t worry of using one image a couple of times on your site – if it captures the emotion, use it!
      Use these ‘money shots’ high up on your pages… people are lazy to read, they seldom get to the bottom of the page and an image conveys a huge amount of information without them having to read the words. Keep it up!

      • steve wick

        Thanks Colette. I actually have a few other gems from this show. I hadn’t realised their true value until I heard your interview.

    • Steve, that is one fantastic image my friend. How do I book you, I want that at my party.

    • steve wick

      Have now also added this shot right at the top of my page

  • Thank you for another great episode of Magician Business!

    Here’s a shot I’m thinking of using for a webpage offering summer camp / outdoor magic shows.

    Thanks again,

    Evan, a.k.a. “Magic Evan”

    • Julian Mather

      Nice stuff Evan. Try cropping it just about the top of the nets. It’ll bring the focus down onto you more

    • Great shot Evan, it captures the size of the group you are engaging – always a good seller to potential bookers. Follow Julian’s advice re cropping. Keep up the good work.

    • Evan, you have won a copy of the Money Shot Ebook. Well done. Please email me ken@magicianbusiness.com and I will get your prize to you.

  • Luckily I have accumulated quite a good collection of shots of me over the years entertaining in different scenerios and therefore use the relevent “money shot” on the appropriate landing page of my website.

    So I don’t take this over with my pictures, should I list list the links to some of my landing pages, or post each pic?

    • Hi Robert, could you share a couple of the pics with us please?

    • Photos uploaded I use on different landing pages on my website geared for specific areas. Not sure what order this will upload and appear, but they are categorised in:

      Corporate Magic/Christmas Parties (x2)
      Showing how whole tables getting involved
      Trade show (though could be better!)
      Wedding (bloody hate kids, but brides like the photo!)
      Couple generic reaction shots.

      Not wanting to show off, but this is genuinely only a selection of photos. You’ll also notice that I have them from a range of events wearing different suits, etc. I feel that this is important to show that I haven’t just done a couple of gigs, but am experienced.

      I will often try and speak to the photographer to give some advice of what makes for a great shot.

      Hope this helps!

      • Appears the images haven’t uploaded. Anyone know why?

        • Hi Robert – I can see them. It’s a lovely selection. Well done! Working with a photographer at a wedding is crucial – Andy Gladwin talks about it in his interview… http://www.magicianbusiness.com/wedding-magic/
          And that is useful to remember at any gig – if you see someone with a camera that is slightly fancier than a smartphone, give them a brief as to where they need to be and when for them to get the best shots – remember the reactions of the audience is key.
          Your wedding shots are great. The trade show one lacks that ‘magic’ in the spectators’ faces, although I’m sure they were fully entertained and engaged. It is quite tricky to capture it in that environment as people are guarded (HINT: If you are looking for images to promote your trade show work, ask the booker to get a group of their employees to come and watch you – they know one another and will be more relaxed and will react the way you want them to so that you can capture that ‘magic’.)

          • Julian Mather

            They all show up … some cracker reaction shots there. If only we could have a photo slave follow us everywhere

      • I’m not sure how much it varies by browser, but I see a
        see more
        clickable button, and when I do click it, I see the pictures. If I don’t click it, I only see a very small part of the top of one picture.

  • Tim Cate

    Far from perfect but I love this pic. (I wish I knew which trick I was doing)

    • Brilliant pic! The amount of info that is given to your potential booker when they see this is more than what you can write in a book.

      • Tim Cate

        Sorry, this was my pic but my name didn’t show up. Thanks for all the great info Colette!

    • Julian Mather

      Love it. One of the great things about doing this in HD video is that you get 25 chances every second to get a great photo. I would put this on my site in a flash. If the original image size is large enough I would crop just the top left corner with those 3 kids. That’s the eye of your fun cyclone.

      • Julian Mather

        Like this …

        • Tim Cate

          Thanks Julian

  • There is such good work here. It’s so motivating to e to see action being taken and I just know that it will generate more work for those who are making the small effort. Well done to all. Bravo!

  • I listened to the podcast and reviewed your Kidabra lecture notes, both of which were very helpful. Of particular interest was the camera angle needed to capture the money shot, and being down at the eye level of the children. I also appreciated the advice on the 80/20 rule with 80% of the photo of the kids and no more than 20% of the entertainer.

    I accompanied Christine to her latest gig and used these techniques to create the following two images now featured on her website.

    Thanks for all the great advice. I’m looking forward to digging in to your Google Adwords tutorials next!

    • Julian Mather

      I saw these photos on your site. They have lifted the professionalism of the home page hugely. Love the widescreen framing of them too. It all works a treat.

    • This is the business. These images WILL make a difference to your enquiries. Awesome work. Love the use of the 80 – 20. Genius!

    • Scot and Christine, thank you so much for taking action and making the lecture notes work for you! Absolutely amazing shots, you have followed the brief and you have the results. Well done!

  • Some for the pot.

    • Julian Mather

      Top shot Ken. You look one of The Bee Gees. I can just see you back in the 80’s 🙂

    • Great shot Ken – it must be ‘cos I took it!!!

  • Julian Mather

    These are couple of my favourites. Both of then are pulled from HD videos. You get 25 chances a second to get a good shot.

    • These are so packed with emotion. You can feel the joy of the children.

    • Fantastic! And you’ve even got a very artistic lens flare in there as well 😉
      Really good pic – look at the mum in the background with her phone… says it all.

  • Magic Marcus

    This is the closest thing I have currently, I think, shall try to get a photographer to next gig…

    • Julian Mather

      That’s a nice shot Marcus. If you get your shows videod in HD (smartphone will do the job) then you have 25 choices per second of getting a great magic moments of your show. Watch the videos on this page above.

    • Hi Marcus, I just love the look on the little girl’s face! Best investment you’ll make in your magic show – book a pro photographer.

  • David Dunlap

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you so much. A few years ago I went to a convention in Atlanta, Georgia and listened to a lecture by Ken Scott. He talked about having built in “Kodak” moments, as he calls them, into his show. At certain points in his show he will pause and strike an action pose with the child and say “Kodak moment.” At that point the parents know to take a picture.

    • Julian Mather

      That’s a great idea from Ken Scott to generate moments. The big takeaway from this episode for me is that there are literally dozens of great publicity and website shots every show you do and they just vanish into thin air. If you were to set yourself the task of getting pics from your next 10 shows, work hard to make this happen, you would be set for years to come with great material. It’s all about taking action. Thanks David for that tip.

    • Hi David, that is a really good comment – these moments are great ‘photo moments’ for the parents to capture. I talk my bookers through the show and tell them exactly what time I will have their child up at the front and to have the camera ready… same idea, I’ll freeze and direct the child to look at the camera.

  • Another GREAT episode!
    Since the quality on Fiverr.com can vary greatly, even among people with good reviews, I was hoping that people would be kind enough to share ones with whom they have dealt that were either good or bad.

    • Julian Mather

      Good idea. It’s almost like we need a Fiverr referal page like the BYMS materials page. Hmmm? Who would be a good administrator for a page like this??

  • Any thoughts on using very short clips (around 10 seconds) showing audience reactions on your website? For example (sorry that this is not children, still working on getting those), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr10J8pNhRw
    My website (www.theamazingbart.com) is still is AWFUL, so feel free to say so, but I at least have this embedded now on it and it plays without having to go to another page.

    • BTW, I’m not saying this is a great example, just an example. I’m more looking on feedback for the concept of really short clips.

      • Julian Mather

        Yes Bart, for sure. Anything that elevates what you are doing above being just a trick into something that connects with real people on a higher / deeper level. The photos will come. This is great. I am so taken in with this woman’s reaction. She’s just experienced something she never has before. I’m interested already.

  • Guest

    Thanks for another great episode. This is going to be really helpful in getting some better pics for my site. Attached is my favourite shot from the ones I have so far. Having listened to the podcast I think next time I’d like to try to get some more action from the kids in here, not just the happy faces.

  • Thanks for another great episode. Attached is my favourite shot from the ones I have so far. Having listened to the podcast I think next time I’d like to try to get some more action from the kids in here, not just the happy faces.

    • Fully engaged, I love it.

    • Great shot Andrew, you can see the engagement even from the adult at the back as well with their hand touching the little one’s head at the back of the group.

    • Julian Mather

      I’d put this on my site for sure. Bet you start seeing this being ‘borrowed’ by others.

  • Guest

    I’ve been trawling through the footage from my showreel I filmed last year to try to find some nice reaction shots. I think these were the best 2.

    • I like the second one with the girl with the surprise on her face.

    • Fantastic images – the expressions are there and the eye level is perfect!

    • Julian Mather

      Are you kidding? The second one is 100% a winner. The first one I would crop like this

  • Guest

    I’ve been trawling through the footage from my showreel I filmed last year to try to find some nice reaction shots. I think these were the best two.

  • T. J. Regul

    I didn’t think I had anything that qualified for a “money shot,” and then I found this. What do you think?

  • T. J. Regul

    Anyone possibly know why I have been unable to share my photo. I have tried to upload and to drag and drop. It keeps saying the photo is too big?

  • T. J. Regul

    I figured it out. Honest feedback. What does everyone think of this for a “money shot?”

    • Listen to the people that really know (i.e., not me), but my thought is that I would crop down to part of the boy’s head on the right (maybe top of his forehead?), eliminating the adult woman and the child on her lap, neither one of which have a great expression. It also eliminates a lot of area that is just chairs. If possible, I would actually eliminate them from the picture, but I think that is beyond the scope of what we are discussing here and more a photoshop class (which I need a lot of help with anyway).

      • Nothing to do with this discussion, just confused by what happened. I deleted my original post since I was editing it, but it is showing up as though from a guest and now I can’t edit or delete it. Odd.

    • Doing this mostly as an exercise to see how wrong I might be 🙂
      Listen to the people that really know (i.e., not me), but my thought is that I would crop down to part of the boy’s head on the right (maybe top of his forehead?), eliminating the adult woman and the child on her lap, neither one of which have a great expression. It also eliminates a lot of area that is just chairs. If possible, I would actually eliminate them from the picture, but I think that is beyond the scope of what we are discussing here and more a photoshop class (which I need a lot of help with anyway). Possibly like one of the two I’ve attached (which are very similar, just cut off a little more in one than the other).

      • Hi TJ, this shot is half way there… As Julian said… follow the instructions and you’ll nail it. This shot doesn’t work photographically as there are too many heads in, the legs of the chairs and the handbag in the middle of the floor all just don’t work.

    • Julian Mather

      Tj I would pass on this. It is obvious you can get the reactions so follow the video tutorial above about videoing then set a camera / smart phone facing your audience, set it to record, then come back afterwards and you will have an amazing selection to choose from.

  • T. J. Regul

    How is this one? I take up too much of the shot don’t I?

    • Julian Mather

      Tj start with your best shots, put them on your site, then work to replacing them. This works fine but 12 months from now I bet you will have shots you are really happy with.

    • Hi TJ, I love YOUR expression on this pic! Shows how much fun you are having 🙂 I agree with Julian… replace them as you get better ones.

  • I think this might work as a money shot. 🙂

    • Kris I really like this shot! I’m no expert but to me this looks great – you’re in the picture but not the focus, and that lady’s reaction is awesome!

    • Julian Mather

      Oh yes Kris. Good stuff. Just a small crop gives this that little extra kick and focuses all attention on the diamond of interest: 3 faces and hands

      • Thanks Julian! Plus, it crops out the dude’s face coming out of the back of the girl’s head. 🙂

    • Kris, this is not photo related, but if you’re doing the trick think you are I often do that rubber band penetration trick and it’s great. I’d never thought of getting volunteers to hold the other rubber band, what a great idea!

    • Hi Kris, LOVE this shot! You’ve got it. The woman on the right captures your eye, leads you to the one on the left who’s looking at your hands and the back to the woman on the right. It really engages the viewer and tells the story of what they are experiencing brilliantly. Well done. As a side note… leave the photographers copyright mark on the picture… I think it adds an air of professionalism ‘that you have taken the time and money to invest in a professional photographer’.

      • Thanks Collette. I agree, and I would want to photographer’s credit to remain on there anyway. She did an amazing job.

  • Guest

    I got this one from a friend who was at a roaming gig on the weekend. I like it, the kids look really engaged. I just wonder if my expression is a bit strange?

  • I know I’ve already posted but I just got this one from a friend who was at a roaming gig on the weekend. I like it, the kids look really engaged. I just wonder if my expression is a bit strange?

    • Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing again… This picture is a ticky one… I’m sure you can remember the response you got and how you felt when this was taken, however the pic doesn’t really capture it… A few things: the amount of the picture taken up by the audience is too little – remember the 80:20 rule? Also, the balloon that pops up in the bottom of the frame is intrusive as there is no reference to it and it being white against black it really draws the eye to it and only acts as a distraction. You could possibly crop it to try and condense the moment, but honestly I think that is unfortunately not a keeper 🙁

      • Hi Colette. Thanks for your feedback. I really you casting your eye over it and sharing your reflections. Point taken, and I will keep looking for some better shots.

  • Philip Taylor

    Please take a look at my money shoots – http://www.magicianscorner.co.uk & http://magicianscorner.co.uk/contact.html#

    Thank you for the pod-cast love the show.

    • Hi Philip, I’ve had a look and you’ve got some great shots on your site – however, there are a few that is in the wrong aspect ratio. That means the pictures has been ‘stretched’ or ‘squashed’. See if you can fix them as it adds to potential bookers’ perception of the professionalism of your site and therefore your service.

      • Philip Taylor

        Hmm what ones? I think the bottom image/home page? BTW the pod cast is gold, I loved it so much.

        I started to think it was just a money making scheme, but after listening to a few pod casts and thinking man if only I had this a few years ago. I love it.

        Tell Ken and Julian they are doing a great thing and the community is really starting to sit up and take note.


        • Hi Phil, I am glad you have found so much value from this episode and Magician Business overall. The information that Ken, Julian and all the guests share is priceless and so gladly and willingly given. I think that the community is very fortunate having these guys sharing their knowledge.
          Re the aspect ratios of your pics… about page, bottom left, Services page, top right, Contact page, middle. Hope that helps 🙂

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  • charles

    2 different ones here. One audience reaction and one showing attendees having fun onstage.

    • Nice one Charles. The top one looks like you are a Messiah. The bottom gets a bit diluted because of the busy background but the message is LOUD and clear: your audience interacting and clearly having FUN

  • David Garrity

    Hello Julian and Ken! Thank you very much for what you are doing with the Magician Business podcast!

    Here is a shot I’ve been using for corporate events, how does this work as a money shot?

    • Guest

      I like it … play with your cropping …sometimes it just delivers results for little effort … I like this

      • David Garrity

        Thank you for the feedback! I will take care of the cropping on this asap!

        Here is another one from that show that I think is pretty good. It needs a crop also?

    • Nice one David. Just a little cropping here and there can make images pop a little bit more. A quick Photoshop session might even work for you as you see below … it’s not mis representing the moment, just putting all the attention into the middle

  • Leoni

    Nice pod cast . Thank you. here is my link.

  • Leoni

    Just in case its difficult to use the viewer on my website I’d thought I would post my picture as a grab frame from my web site. I”m a mentalist and I’m revealing some information in this photo.