MB 002: Magic, Money and YouTube: A Guide for Magicians


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MB 02 Magic Money and Youtube

MB 02: YouTube – The Performing Artist Guide

Jay Jay, Eric LeClerc and Julian Mather Explain How!

Youtube is growing at a rapid rate. It is something we as magicians and entertainers need to use and understand. It can help us get bookings.  That is what this podcast episode #002 will do, help you understand just what it takes to get a youtube channel up and running.

Not that you need to do that. Most people will never have to do that. Few will have the opportunity to break through the level of noise and chatter on Youtube now that makes it hard to get seen and heard. Understanding how the system works though will be very beneficial to you.

You will hear Ken and I say this over and over that the key to your improving and being successful will come from education and action rather than polishing your act to perfection. You need a good act. That goes without saying. Your time and money needs to be spent on you getting that act booked otherwise it is worth very little to you or your family.

The guests on this episode are two working magicians with successful Youtube channels. Jay Jay from Free Magic Live Videos and Eric LeClerc from Project 365. Julian of course runs Julian’s Magician School. Both Eric and Jay Jay share with you how they have used Youtube to benefit their magic careers. The discussion may surprise you. We talk candidly about amounts of income made from these channels. I’ll give you a hint, no one of us are going to retire early, not right at the moment at least.

Success though, is measured in more ways than just money.

In this episode we talk about:

  • You’ll hear about the exposure a channel can give you and the work that can come from that.
  • You’ll also discover what statistics like # of subscribers and # of views actually means. Like everywhere else online, these change and staying in front of the curve means you can produce content to suit the viewing habits of your watchers.
  • Probably one of the biggest take aways from this is that you need to approach creating a channel with a business strategy. It was interesting how Eric took his allocated marketing budget for the year and used that to fund the running of Project 365. He had a plan before he started.
  • Jay Jay shares his biggest insight into what YouTube actually wants from the videos uploaded to their platform. Knowing this will put you ahead of the pack.

If you want to get started with youtube and you have little or no experience with even the most basic of video then there is only one place for you to start

The Essential Video Guide

This begins with an introductory set of fast videos that show you how achievable it can all be. The entire process is explained in step by step detail. This is a blue print for you to  follow. And  it’s free.

Links and Resources mentioned:

Free Magic Live videos

Project 365 Eric LeClerc

Julians Magician School

The newbie on the block Ken’s Chanel

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  • Josie

    Really interesting PodCast, gave me sone new ideas for my own magic, thanks guys!

  • What a great interview!! I discovered Eric and Jay Jay at about the same time I discovered Julian. Listening to each of them discuss the behind the scenes approach to their Youtube channels was fantastic and very easy to relate to as one of their subscribers.

    • Ken Kelly

      Hi Steve, I loved hearing the three big hitters all in one room shooting the breeze about the ways of YouTube. I certainly took some points on board for my own (rater new) channel.

  • Great podcast. I think it will give a lot of people a much more realistic view of the money which can be made (or not) off of YouTube. I think that a lot of people still think it’s a way to get rich. While that COULD happen, as discussed, there are so many people trying these days, that the amount of noise is incredible. And, YouTube and advertisers have gotten a lot smarter about how few people actually buy anything from the ads. Some fairly big names have gotten out, or are getting out. Someone that started channels that have almost 2 million subscribers and over 600 million views was going to shut them down last year but got bought out. They still say that this might be the last year for the main channel which has over 3 million subscribers and over a billion views.

    One thing which was briefly touched on near the end – will there be more discussions of how the integrate YouTube to better the SEO results of your website in order to get more bookings? I’ve heard varying reports on how well this works, but presume that there has to be some tie in and hope to hear more about it from you.

    • Julian Mather

      It is a big topic Bart for sure. Yes there will be more discussion on SEO and your website. We want to create a ‘best practices’ guide that magicians with websites can use.

  • Matt

    This was interesting. Thank you to everyone for being so honest and speaking frankly about Youtube. It was very refreshing. And thank you Julian for making and sharing this for free!

    • Julian Mather

      Hi Matt, have you ever considered starting a channel? So many people do. I just wanted everyone to get a better idea of what it takes. It is certainly not easy. But then nothing done well is easy. We definitely want to expand this discussion further and possibly create a set of (ever changing) guidelines to help magicians get a better foothold on Youtube.

  • If you have transcripts of this, I would love to read it.
    Why? Eighty percent of communication is nonverbal! I an very hard of hearing. I use a hearing aid in each ear and have done so since I was about eight years old. Now, at 57, I hear or can understand, less that half of the words spoken. My mind fills in the blanks with lip reading, body language, and knowing the subject. You find this out when you change topics and I don’t know that. My mind struggles to make sense of what is heard and what is likely to be said based on the topic. Ask Julian, he was kind enough to care and created PDFs when the information in BYMS was audio only. He is the best! Thanks.

    • Julian Mather

      Hi Dan, we will eventually have transcripts for the podcasts. hang in there 🙂

  • What is the benefit to the creator when I like and subscribe? Is there an immediate tangible benefit, or is it that it just makes it more likely that future videos will show up in my feed? I presume that subscribing would make that true, but not sure about the like button.

    • Julian Mather

      It is a gauge of social proof for one. It is also a way for FB and YT to expand their empires for sure. I think it is simply the system we have to operate in and those that get the likes and subs rise up above those that don’t. We can all get into a habit of just consuming and not giving back. I try and keep on myself and if I find I am always getting value from someone then I support them by liking and subbing. Just makes sense to me. Technically what happens Bart I think is anyone’s guess.

      To me, as a content creator, it simply gives the motivation to keep going, that someone actually gives a hoot about what I am doing.

  • Abhinab Ganguly

    Seriously a great one. Especially jay jays shut up u have no reasob for not to try was inspiring somehow 😉

  • I am really struggling to find the time to put up a new episode on Youtube. It highlights that time and effort required to make this work for you successfully. I’m feeling that I might have done my dash with this.

  • YouTube is something of a mystery to most people, when it should be a priority for anyone in the arts (not just magic). It’s the go to for so many people (especially thems 25 and under) when they are looking for anything, that not getting involved and savvy is litterally leaving money on the table. This episode demystifies some of it, but it is clearly only be the beginning…I look forward to future casts revisiting this in ever more depth.

  • Othmarius Magic

    Jay Jay, Eric and yourself Julian; you guys inspired me to start a youtube channel some time ago. So this broadcast was a realy informative look behind the scenes for me. Thank you all so much for sharing this valuable information.

    • Julian Mather

      Great to see you took action. Listen as much as you can to different approaches and try them out yourself. My biggest tip is do not try to copy anyone. Just do what it is that you like doing.

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