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The Golden First Impression –

Scott Evans is a magician of a different kind. His wand is his pen and his magic box is a powerful graphics heavy computer. Scott Evans is a graphic designer and owner of Look Creative Design. His company specialises in creating branding, logo’s, van wraps and animated videos for performing artists.

exapleIn this interview Scott speaks about the power of your branding as a magician. He shares the psychology of how our bookers think and how we can gain the advantage over our competition by using the same marketing techniques that used to leach a hundred million dollar feature film.

Branding is all about creating a uniform feel and synergy across the platforms you use to communicate and correspond with your bookers.
If a potential booker visits your Facebook page, follows a link to your website and then received a quote from you, they should experience a seamless progression with matching colour scheme, logo, font type and feel. Top companies spend millions on branding consultants because that know that effective branding leads to increased brand loyalty and more sales.

Van wrap

Scott has designed logos, branding and websites for hundreds of entertainers around the world. He is an expert is the use of colours and pictures to sell your product and he shares what you should be aiming for in your stationery, website and logo.

This interview is packed with real world marketing information from a top graphic designer giving you actionable tips to help get you more bookings.

In this episode we talk about

  • How selling blockbuster movies is no different to selling magic shows.
  • Why the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” is not true
  • How branding is a process
  • Design tips for your website
  • The golden first impression
  • How your branding is an investment, not an expense

Links and resources mentioned:

Scott’s website http://www.lookcreativestudio.co.uk
Reach out to Scott Evans on Facebook
Check out the Look Creative Facebook Page
The essential video guide

Use of the animated animated logo

Look at some of Scott’s Work

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  • Very interesting interview. This is not a topic that is often discussed. As performers, we must create a positive, professional image. Thank you.

    • Ken Kelly

      I agree Dennis I think that this is such an important topic and almost never discussed. The positive, professional image your mention the only part of what we do that our potential bookers get to see. If they like our image, they will engage in our brand and we have a better chance of building the relationship to change them from potential booker to booker. If they don’t like our image they will leave before they even know what we do.

    • It does need more discussion. We are going to go deeper into this. Already I know that there are hugely varying opinions on this topic of branding. We cannot cover them all. What is important is that we all give it thought and take some action to at least keep our performing identity clear to customers.

  • Thad Ellsworth

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to say I had Scott 2 logos for me just last month. One is a new brand for my Birthday Party Business and I just got my Nissan cube back from being completely wrapped. Absolutely amazing!!!

    My second design included my self image in it and is being used for coloring sheets.

    If you are thinking of using Scott don’t wait. He does amazing work. He is really easy to work with and his turn a round time was great.

    So a big Thanks to Scott for his great work.

    • Hey Thad, post an image of your new van etc here. There is a little image icon on the bottom left of the typing box here that you can upload photos with. I want to see what it looks like.

  • Scott has just completed my new logo & coloring page. I am very pleased with his work & looking forward to using the design he created to wrap my vehicle. Sadly, people do judge books by their covers and you have to have the best cover in any business. With new media now it’s relatively easy for anyone to look professional and it’s most important that you look the part. Having a good looking logo & proper advertisement makes you stand up above the rest. No amount of Adwords $$ or Facebook posts can compare to your vehicle promoting your business in your area, your demographics. It’s not rocket science… you’re in the face of the people who are most likely to hire you.

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