MB 050: 1 Year Anniversary Special – Ken and Julian Under the Spotlight


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Get a look behind the scenes as the hosts of the Magician Business Podcast, Ken Kelly and Julian Mather, are put in the hot seat.

This is a magician business podcast,ken kelly,Julian Mather,marketing for magicians,websites for magicians! Ken and Julian usually host the show and bring you guests but today the tables are turned as children’ entertainer Colette Kelly gets to interview the interviewers.

Ken and Julian speak openly about the first year of running Magician Business. This episode takes a transparent look at what goes on behind the scenes and you get to hear what it takes to bring you 50 episodes of the podcast to air.

In this episode:

– Ken and Julian tell how it really is (warts and all)
– Hear the truth of what has worked and what has not
– Get actionable tips that Ken and Julian use
– Hear Magician Business members questions answered
– Get a peek of what the future hold for Magician Business

Links and resources mentioned:

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Magic Tricks For Kids

Magician Business Podcast 1st ever episode

Books mentioned

The E Myth

The One Thing

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Ken Kelly

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  • N Jay Jaybo Holtz

    My first bit is Congrats, can’t believe I have been with you for all 50 you guys are easy to listen to and Collette you as well, IN THE FLESH, now that’s scary, LOL yes I was a watcher of Julian’s magician school some I used and some not, but all were done very well. Yes your ideals are similar and both of you have brought many hours of information. I have seen that age doesn’t play against the grain if what you want. I find my shows not as active as I would want but I find myself active via the internet, sharing my information, that I have accumulated thru my life. I can go on and on about me, but who can toot my horn, if I don’t

    • Before i went full time N Jay I used to try and operate as a professional for years by putting my own systems and guidelines in place and adhering to them and reporting back to myself on where I had weaknesses. It sounds a little weird but it really made me get batter faster which made me enjoy what i was doing more and more. I say this because you obviously take the same approach.

  • AJ Tha Sac

    Congratulations on your one year mark! I have been listening since episode 3, and can not thank you enough for the service you have provided. So many things in my life are directly attributed to your podcasts that it’s almost scary. In the beginning, I would get so excited from the episodes that I would constantly change my focus. “Wedding magic is what I want to do!” “Educational school shows are what I want to do!” “Cruise ships are where I should be!” I have tamed my excitement and over the past year have really honed in on my true self and talents through your podcasts. Here is a non sensical list of random things I have picked up and utilized over the year:

    “having the information is well and good, but putting it into action; thats the real trick”
    A call to action button.
    popup contact sheets.
    Focus your website, don’t sell kids magic and corporate magic on the same site.
    Appeal to the needs of the client on your website, don’t just praise yourself.
    A business plan is a living thing, not a stagnant piece of paper in a drawer.
    Giving business cards to kids as a collectors item.
    Sending a Starbucks gift card to a client after a performance.
    Controlling photographers to get the money shot.
    Julian’s balloon workshop. Bought. Memorized. Rehearsed. Calling for bookings.
    The 4 hour Work Week, now I own all of Tim Ferris’s books, and am an avid listener of his podcast.
    The War of Art. I have listened to it over 10 times and given this to all my friends.
    Monetizing your youtube channel.
    And I have recently been accepted into Barry Friedman’s Showbiz Blueprint.

    I’m sure there are more subtle things I can’t recall right now; but please know that you have helped me tremendously and its safe to say I would not be on the life path I am on right now if I hadn’t come across your website and podcast. Thank you so much and congratulations again gents!

    • That’s really impressive AJ .. If you put just half of that into action every year you will be getting more bookings. I really like that you are sharing the War of Art.

  • Congratulations on your FIRST 50 podcasts – I can’t wait for the next 50 and on ….
    You have a wonderful mix of guests, and know how to bring out their best insights. (That goes for you as well, Colette!)

    • Let us know who you want to hear from Bruce and what it is you want to know? We’ll put the calls in and see

      • Personally, I’m most interested in hearing more about fund-raising stage shows. I enjoyed #44 with John Kaplan, but I’d like to hear from others. Specifically the TWO selling jobs I must do: First selling the event to the client, then selling the show to prospective audience members!

  • Jason Caillier

    I’m aaaaaalllmost caught up to live releases! I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing journey thus far!!!