MB 017: The Mystery of Marketing Magic with Jeff McBride


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Jeff McBride – The Mystery of Marketing Magic 

An historic episode of the Magician Business Podcast. After thousands of words spoken via Skype and thousands of air miles travelled, this is the first time that Julian and I (Ken) have come together in person to present an interview.

You are the winner with double the value. This week’s episode is a great interview with Jeff McBride and a report on our first meeting. Plus a special bonus so be sure to stick around until the end. You’ll also find a few pictures referenced in the podcast including one taken 30 seconds after Julian and I met for the very first time.

Today’s main act is Jeff McBride.

Jeff McBride, a three time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo, is widely recognised as a foremost innovator and most exciting performer in contemporary magic. Naming him “Vegas’ Best” Magician several years ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote: “Light years ahead of the pack.. McBride is easily the most exciting and mesmerising magician I’ve seen in years.”

In this episode we talk about

  • What advice Lance Burton gave to a group of young magicians at the IBM SAM. This tip alone would save any magician a whole pile of money if implemented.
  • Magic as a career and a life path and how the McBride Magic and Mystery School is a way of learning from those who have walked the road.
  • Jeff’s philosophy of what makes magic commercial and sellable.
  • About the importance of balance and a rich interior life.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

Jeff McBride http://www.geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Jeff_McBride

The McBride Magic and Mystery School http://www.magicalwisdom.com

Virtual Magic Lessons http://virtual.magicalwisdom.com/lessons

Peter Reveen The Impossiblisthttp://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Peter_Reveen

Lance Burton http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Lance_Burton


Edward de Bono Lateral Thinking http://edwdebono.com/lateral-thinking

The trick Brain Daniel Fitzkee http://www.amazon.com/Trick-Brain-Dariel-Fitzkee/dp/0915926016

Conjuror’s Mechanical Secrets by Sam Sharpe http://www.amazon.com/Conjurors-Mechanical-Secrets-illustrated-Webb/dp/B002H03JHC


Julian and Ken meet for the first time

Julian Mather and I (Ken Kelly) meet for the first time at the KIDabra convention in Tennessee.

I have worked with Julian since  our first email contact October of 2013

Since then we have met weekly, sometimes two to three times a week but always online via Skype. It was a strange feeling meeting, in person, a man I have spent hundreds of hours with online.

30 seconds after meeting Julian we were discussing how we could do more to service you our Magician Business audience. It is because of you guys that we met so thank you.

Santa Jam

The Santa Jam

Rose Brown

A very special moment with Rose Brown
(listen to the end of the podcast)

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Thanks again, Ken and Julian

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  • Dennis

    An excellent discussion. Very encouraging. I am also a big fan of Jeff McBride.

    • Thanks Dennis, I agree. It seems the higher the profile the nicer the person, Jeff could not have been more accommodating.

      • I’d like to be able to do another interview with Jeff and drill deeper. he has so much to say that strikes a chord with me and challenges me.

      • I met Jeff while I was in Las Vegas at The Wunderground
        As opposed to a lot of people I met in Vegas, he came across as a genuinely nice person.

  • Love the pictures! Looks like a great time.

    Wow, what an episode. As Julian mentioned in his comment, there is so much that could be further discussed from these pearls of wisdom shared by Jeff. I mentioned on the Facebook group, whenever I listen to a true mentor type teacher person, I am both inspired and challenged. There is so much to learn, so much to read, so much deep wisdom from years of hard work and experience which I want to learn from and pay respect to. It certainly cuts through the noise and reminds you of what is important. While each episode with someone like Jeff could take years to fully implement I’m always encouraged, though. When they talk of long term work that is an investment, not quick fixes, this in turn focuses my daily or weekly goals to keep on track and do the little things that contribute to the long term goals, and keep focusing on what is going to make a difference.

    Thanks, Jeff McBride. (and Ken and Julian!)

    • What i love about what we do is that I am not racing against the clock to retirement. I have so many years left (fingers crossed) that I can apply magic and create an interesting life for myself and a positive experience for others. And this is all realistic talk. It’s not hard to use magic in interesting ways.

      • Great point. Enjoying the learning and the adventure is half the fun. I think as my business is new I feel like there are so many things I “could” be doing, which is why the perspective of those more experienced and wiser is so helpful.