MB 005: Facebook Fan Pages for Magicians with Tamar Kimmons


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Facebook Fundamentals

– Fan pages for entertainers –

Social media is the in-thing. Did you know that over 70% of local business use social media to find and engage with new and existing customers.

Tamar Kimmons has examined Facebook Fan Pages in detail and she shares how to best use this free resource. Tamar  is a performing artist so her focus in this interview is how you can engage with your potential bookers. Not in some broad scatter gun approach approach but within the areas you are looking to get booked.

Listen to this episode and get a targeted, tried and tested blueprint that you can implement into your business no matter what type of entertainment you deliver. The best part is this does not take any special coding skills and, this will put a smile on your face, this process is free.

Tamar has lectured at magic clubs and conventions throughout the UK and in the USA and her lectures have received rave reviews.

‘Reading through the notes is like reading through a “Fan Page for Dummies” book, well written with tons of info.’

– Steve ‘Billy-Bo’ Doe, The Magic Cafe

In this episode we talk about

  • The power of the cover photo
  • Giving your page the WOW factor
  • How to attract new fans
  • How NOT to get new fans (the dangers)
  • What should you post on your page?
  • How to track whether it is working
  • Your personal invite to join an exclusive, members only, group where entertainers discuss what is working.

Links and resources mentioned

The Kit Kat Cake


Tamar’s Facebook Fundamentals Lecture Notes (Highly recommended)


Join the Facebook Fundamentals group


Say thanks to Tamar in person on her private Facebook page.
(don’t use link this to ask to join the group, please use the link above)


Checkout Tamar’s work website “Barmy Bella”




Trix in the Stix


Ken’s Facebook Fan Page mentioned in the interview


Barmy Bella Showreel

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  • Interesting interview Ken. Now, I need to trash my fan page (http://facebook.com/birthdaypartyexpert) It stinks.

    • Ken Kelly

      George, I know what you mean. When I heard Tamar’s lecture I had to scrap my Fan page and start again. Now a year later I am so glad I did. In the last 30 days I have had 7 bookings through Facebook and that is thanks to guidance from Tamar.

      • I ordered her lecture notes before I even listened to the audio. When I did finally listen to it today I felt like she was talking about me. I have not done really anything to my fan page. Can’t wait for the book to get here.

        • Hi George, thanks for ordering the notes. There are so many people out there with stagnant fan pages just crying out for good content to get people interested. Experiment with all the ideas I have given you in the notes to find out what works best for you. Once you start to see lots of engagement from your fans it will really spur you on and I’m guessing you will really enjoy the challenge of finding things that your fans will love and share. Onwards and upwards!

  • Another great interview Ken. I am guilty of mostly posting pics of me at parties. But interestingly the highest “Reach” and “Engagement” return I have had was for announcing the launch of my new look website.
    I will now be experimenting with added value information on party tips etc.
    Thanks again!!

    • Hi Steve, I’m so glad you enjoyed the podcast. You are right to be looking for varied content for your page, by all means add the links to your website, promo video etc but make sure you mix it up with good value useable information too. People want a reason to click that like button and stay, so give them lots of great and varied content. Good luck!

  • I’m looking to see if the following 2 items are correct, or if I am misunderstanding something, which is explained in the book.

    1) This is regarding interacting as your fan page, which is a bit convoluted. I create a fan page to interact as my performer persona and be a brand for that persona. One of the biggest issues I have found with a fan page is that I can’t really interact as that persona other than by posts on the fan page. And if I want to create different ones for close-up / corporate / children’s parties, it seems fairly impossible with a single log-in ID. I feel like with the way it is now, I would need to create a log-in ID for any persona I would want, and then create a fan page under that ID. If I create a fan page under my personal ID, my ability to interact other than by making posts on my fan page is severely limited. For example, my fan page can’t join a group, only my log-in ID can join a group.

    To get specific, my log-in ID is Bartholomew Simpson. My fan page is The Amazing Bart. There is no way for The Amazing Bart to join a group and interact as The Amazing Bart. The only thing I can do is join a group as Bartholomew Simpson. If I want to interact with my ACTUAL friends (as opposed to people liking my fan page), I would want to be able to do it as Bartholomew Simpson and if I want to interact with people liking my The Amazing Bart fan page, I would want to be able to do it as The Amazing Bart. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that (other than very specifically by posts on The Amazing Bart page).

    There also seems to be very strange rules for how my fan page can act on other people’s pages. Sometimes it will let me like something as The Amazing Bart, or make a comment, but sometimes, it won’t and I have to like or comment as Bartholomew Simpson.

    If I wanted to create a fan page for Mike the Mentalist (just an example), it doesn’t seem like I would be able to (other than on the Mike the Mentalist fan page) interact with people looking to hire a mentalist as Mike the Mentalist while also being able to interact with people looking to hire a children’s entertainer as The Amazing Bart. Am I missing something and if so, is it explained in the book?

    2) Should you only have people like your fan page if they are going to be able to benefit you? If you have far away friends that don’t have friends living near you, or even friends that don’t have people that would hire you, it seems like you would NOT want them to like your page. If they like your page, it means that when you send something out, they are among the limited number of people that FB will choose from that get to see the post. For example, if I, living in the US and not having anyone that would hire Bella amongst my friends, like her Barmy Bella Children’s Entertainment fan page, it seems like that would actually be bad for her.

    • Bart you are correct with most of that. As far as I have found with my Fan page the only way I can interact is through posts. If a fan personally messages your fan page you can then have a discussion via p.m. but you can not instigate that procedure.
      Having friends and family that will not ever book your services can still play an important roll with liking your Fan page as long as they are active on it and share your posts. Remember that the more engagement you create on your fan page, the more time facebook will spend publishing your stuff in others feeds.

      I had an interesting experience recently when it came to contacting the 2 winners of a competition I held on my Fan page. One of the winners was not very active on my page, and of course to let them know I first made a post on the fan page, this resulted in no response from her as she hadn’t seen it in her feed. I couldn’t PM her, but I eventually found her email address as she used to belong to a club that we did. If however I had never met her before, that prize could have easily gone unclaimed.
      I guess the thing to remember here is that while facebook and fan pages have some faults, the good news is they are free and a great way to spread the joy.

    • Hi Bart, I have only just noticed this question so please accept my apologies. Steve has answered the question perfectly with accurate information. While it does not benefit you to have lots of fellow magicians and entertainers liking your page it can be hugely beneficial to ask your friends and family to share and comment on your posts. They are likely to have friends and work colleagues in your local area if they too live close by so whenever they interact with your page it will show in their news feed and your page will be displayed.

      In answer to your first question, yes its very frustrating that FB seems to have not yet fully worked out all of the things that will best aid a business in the smooth operation of their fan page. Recently they have removed the option to display your fans posts on your actual main page, choosing instead to lump them all in a small box to the side, you used to be able to click on their post and add it to the main page to make it more visual but they have now removed that option which seems crazy to me but hey ho!
      Good luck with your page 🙂

      • Thanks, Tamar.

        Facebook definitely seems to be big fans of Heraclitus, so can only hope that it will get better in the future.

        I just got a notice that my fan page will change no later than June 21, presuming that is the new change about which people are talking.

  • It is entirely possible to interact with other businesses through your fan page.

    You receive a separate feed based on the businesses that you have liked. You can post on these feeds. Also, if you do searches for businesses, you can post.

    In this way, you can actually be social and engage your audience.

    • Yes Steve and its a great tip for extra exposure. As long as you are signed in as your fan page you can visit other pages and comment, like and share as your fan page for all to see. It works on the fact that people can be very curious and like to click on things that sound interesting, so as long as you have a bright, colourful and interesting page for them to land on you may find you get lots of extra clicks just from that alone. Happy posting!

      • Steve Tamar,

        Yes, it seems like I can usually (I think I have sometimes even had issues based on how the other page is set up), post on other fan / business pages. But I can NOT interact with other people / personal profiles, even if I have been asked to do so and that person has liked my page. If this is not correct, please let me know.

        To give an example, someone sends me (my children’s entertainment persona brand page) a message asking it I would make a post on their page as my brand wishing their child a Happy Birthday. As far as I know (again, correct me if I am wrong), I can’t do that, which is ridiculous! I could only do that if I actually set up a separate log-in / profile, which is against the FB TOS.,

  • I have had a few emails about overseas shipping and the time it can take to receive your order. For those of you who would prefer a PDF version of the Facebook Fundamentals lecture notes you can now order by paypal to barmybella@mail.com £10 or $15. Thank you 🙂

  • Has anyone ever looked into this service?

  • I came into this episode thinking I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. I have a couple of fan pages I maintain in other non-magic fields and they seem to have some traction. HOWEVER, I learned some good ideas here, and am already putting them into action. I really like that this episode emphasized BEST PRACTICES with acknowledgement when things change, or are discovered, those practices WILL be revised. The Facebook Fundamentals group is must-join for anyone using Facebook as part of their marketing.