MB 042: Restaurant Gigs For Magicians with David Ranalli


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Restaurant Gigs

For Magicians

A Discussion on Getting Booked

For Restaurant Magic

David Ranalli started young performing magic in restaurants. From age 14 he has been table hopping building up strong work practices and an appreciation of the restaurant industry and how magicians can better position themselves to get the most value from a restaurant gig.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Is there a personality type best suited going table to table?
  • Acting as an ambassador for the restaurant.
  • How restaurants have changed.
  • Some great ways to get started
  • The dangers of talking to ‘assistant managers’
  • How to get paid
  • How to make the restaurant work to your full advantage
  • Setting up a contract.
  • Where to find restaurant associations?
  • The rise of chain and franchise restaurants and how this can work for you.
  • Using local media to benefit the magician and the restaurant owner.
  • Using the restaurant as a showcase for your magic skills to private clients.
  • Use the ‘selfie’ craze to your advantage


Links and resources discussed in this episode:


David Ranalli Website 

David Ranalli Instagram

David Ranalli Twitter

David Ranalli Youtube

David Ranalli LIVE

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  • David Ranalli

    Wow I loved this podcast! The guy you interviewed was just wonderful. And very modest 😀

    But seriously I hope everyone got some sort of value and enjoyed it. Be sure to connect with me via social media. Would love to hear from you

    • We have received a lot of good feedback on this David. It seems a long detour for listeners to make to this page but that is the nature of podcasts: they are consumed when you are usually away from the desk. Ken and I had a good long discussion after we recorded the intros for this episode on a variation on your methods of getting booked. He may drop by here and share them.