MB 038: Linkedin for Magicians with Mark Williams


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Linkedin For Magicians

How To Benefit From This Networking and Connection Tool

Mark Williams is a LinkedIn trainer for top level business executives. Mark shares cutting edge ideas and strategies that magicians can use to bypass some common mistakes and to speed up your networking that leads to bookings.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Where does LinkedIn fit?   Is it a social media tool?
  • How important is building relationships and growing a network?
  • What has LinkedIn got in common with a pirate ship?
  • Mark’s business card story that explains some of the benefits of having a LinkedIn account.
  • This can be your first impression for many business deals. Make sure you make a good one.
  • How to set up your LinkedIn account so you craft and build an effective profile
  • What image should you use in your profile?
  • Should you use your stage name or your birth name?
  • How you should optimize the 120 characters in your headline?
  • What are first tier and second tier connections ?
  • Can you use your promo video more effectively?

Links and resources discussed in this episode:


Mark’s website Winbusinessin.com    You can get your free copy of his 5 Linkedin tips there

Special offer until 20.2.15 … write your Linkedin headline and post it in the comments below on this page. Mark will do a free assessment and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.

You can find out more about our latest project at Kids Entertainer Hub


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  • steve wick

    Hi Mark and thanks for sharing some really great information. I have had a linkedin account for over a year and really didn’t know what to do with it. Funnily enough I did once get a booking through it, but it was from someone I new personally and she just saw it as a way of contacting me. This afternoon I updated some of my info, and have put some of your recomendations into practise.

    My new headline reads:
    Children’s Magician delivering action packed entertainment for parties and festivals http://www.birthdaypartymagic.com.au

    Thanks again for filling in a lot of blanks with this podcast and also giving me a new way to look at linkedin also thanks for the download of the 5 linkedin tips.

    • You are a consistent action taker Steve. You pop up on these comments regularly with the steps you have implemented. Your future will be bright, I’m sure.

    • Hi Steve,
      The headline is good but I would drop the website url, it is against LInkedIn’s rules and they have been known to penalise offenders. The best place for website urls are;
      >At the top of your summary section, this will then show as a link when viewed via a mobile app.
      >In the contact info section (select ‘other’ to customize the link).

      Some other thoughts on your profile.
      > great profile picture
      > Media is just being used as a link, I would recommend linking to your Youtube videos and adding some pictures.
      > Add a background image if you can (feature not available to everyone yet but will be soon), check out Curtis’ profile for a great example (see earlier comment)
      > Every section needs more information, more information about what you do and especially why – the ‘why’ is always the most interesting part of a profile.

      Feel free to connect and drop me a message if you need any help with the above points.

      Hope that helps.

  • Curtis The Mentalist

    Mark, thanks so much for coming on this podcast and sharing all that you have. I have been on LinkedIn for many years and have never really learned to use it properly, but have always figured there must be something that I’m missing because it has been HUGE for quite some time. (Also, thanks to Julian for the shout-out in the beginning of the podcast! You even pronounced my name correctly!)

    My headling reads “Corporate Mentalist–World-Class, Mind-Bending Entertainment for Corporate Events”

    • Great to have you interacting and sharing knowledge Curtis.

      • Curtis The Mentalist

        Thanks, Julian. It’s great to be a part.

    • Hi Curtis,
      I really like your profile and would suggest others take a look, the background picture looks fantastic and there is lots of media in your profile.
      The headline is also good, I just wonder if you could optimize it better?
      A good headline is a balance between branding, a sales message and searchable keywords. I think the searchable words in yours are ‘entertainment’ and ‘corporate events’ which may be enough but it might be worth thinking about your most important keywords and trying get a couple more in there (perhaps instead of world class?) The headline is highly keyword sensitive.

      • Curtis The Mentalist

        Thanks so much, Mark. Since I specialize in after-dinner party shows I decided perhaps I should mention that in the headline. Also included the word “party” and, as silly as it may seem, “amazing.” I suppose I was afraid doing so would be somewhat limiting, since I really do a lot of other things. Perhaps it’s best to target a highly searchable and relevant market that’s a bit more specific in order to generate the traffic in searches?

        • I agree Curtis, try not to be everything to everyone – define your LinkedIn audience and create a profile relevant to that.

  • Excellent podcast! I had a few questions that were not addressed. Should I accept all the requests that I get to “connect” and should I use the tool that invites me to connect with everyone in my address book, etc. ? Thank you so much!

    Knoxville Party Magic – Entertaining kids with magic & balloons at parties,trade shows,restaurants,etc.


    • Mark is on course to come and answer these questions within the next few days Christine. Good question btw.

      • I have to thank you for this podcast that appears just in time. In the last week I have been “bombarded” with opportunities to use LinkedIn (I’ve been a member since early on), but never saw any reason to. One of Scott’s geek friends has just started a business based on the use of LinkedIn… now that you’ve underlined the importance of this tool, I’ll be looking him up to see what he offers! Thanks again. BTW, we missed you!

    • Hi Christine. Great question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer! Firstly let me say that connecting always brings some benefits;

      1, You become more visible (less people are outside your network)

      2, Your activity has a greater chance of being noticed.

      3 You never know who someone knows, even apparently irrelevant people might know a highly relevant person.

      That said I believe you can dilute the quality of your network by connecting too widely.

      My advice is;

      >Connect to everyone you know (it doesn’t matter if they are relevant or not)

      >Aim to engage and then connect with highly relevant people you don’t know (even if you only very briefly engage with them).

      > Always read invitations you receive in your email or LinkedIn Inbox (desktop). Any other view does not show you the message they may have sent.

      >If the person inviting you appears irrelevant but it is possible that they have seen you perform then you can reply to the invitation and ask them how they know you.

      >If there is no message explaining a good reason why you should accept and they appear irrelevant, click ignore and don’t accept (they are not notified).

      Your headline is great. I did a basic search for “magic parties knoxville” and you came top, despite being a 3rd tier connection and thousands of miles away from me!
      The only improvement I would suggest would be to lose the comma’s and the etc as they add no value.

      Hope that helps.

      • Mark, I’ve made the corrections you recommended – I’m such a stickler with grammar so it’s hard to write without proper punctuation but I’m going to live dangerously and remove the “,’s” and “etc.”. Thank you so much!

    • Apologies I forgot to answer the address book question.
      Be very careful with this facility as it could land you in trouble with your contacts! If you want to save time when first starting to grow your network it can be helpful but make sure you de-select the list (they are all auto-selected) and only opt to invite those that you know and are on LinkedIn already ie ‘invitation to connect’ rather than ‘invitation to join network’ The latter will send repeated emails encouraging them to sign up quoting you on them…..and you can’t stop them!

  • Ashley Turner

    A fantastic episode and Mark your podcast is brilliant too. I would love to take you up on the opportunity to have a look at my profile.


    Kind Regards


    • Hi Ashley,

      The link you provide is not the url for your profile. Can I check that this is you before making any comments;




      • Ashley Turner

        That’s the one Mark. Thanks

        • OK.
          Profile picture is very good, headline also although I wonder if there are any other searchable keywords you could add.
          The background image is striking but not relevant (unless I’m missing something) so I would suggest using something else – perhaps one of the brilliant images from your website?
          You call yourself The Trixta or Table top Trixta but this is not mentioned anywhere in your profile.
          You need a summary.
          Add media into your summary section (video’s, images, pdf;s etc)
          Add an employment section – mostly about what you do now but add previous as well.
          Once you have employment added you can seek some recommendations.
          Add Skills (less important but worth having).

          Hope that helps.

          • Ashley Turner

            Thanks Mark that’s great advice. Did you not see the summary that is written? Great idea about adding media to the summary section. I will add my new 2015 promote video. Also great idea on the background image. I appreciate your help.

          • No summary showing Ashley.

  • @disqus_ozH27yrRbA:disqus Thanks for an excellent podcast! Would it be fair to say that LinkedIn is better suited for corporate events vs. children’s parties? I’m not saying that children’s entertainers can’t / won’t find work here, but since I don’t think that targeting both audiences is not the best strategy, if I had to choose one, is corporate a better way to go? I will get my profile updated and then post a link. I’ve had one for a long time, going back to the corporate world, which brings up another question – back when I was using it, it seemed like there were constant requests for either verifying someones skills or adding ones to your list. Is having a list of corporate / technical skills any sort of detriment if I’m now trying to build my profile as being an entertainer?

    • Thanks Bartholomew,
      I agree that LinkedIn is more suited to a corporate market, it’s possible you could pick up other work so it would make sense to mention your full range of services in your profile but the emphasis should corporate.
      I don’t think skills are taken very seriously on LinkedIn so its not a major concern but it would make sense to amend them to just 10-12 that are relevant to being an entertainer.

  • Peter Mennie

    Hi Mark. I’ve long been a Linkedin advocate but unsure as to how to maximize its potential. Thank you for agreeing to critique my headline:

    Magician VIP Entertainer. Clean Comedy Magic & Mind Reading for Corporate Entertainment & Special Event Audiences

  • Hi Mark! Late to the party here, but I would love your feedback. I’ve been “on” Linkedin for years, but never really used it or did anything with it. Now your wonderful interview has got me thinking …

    I have created a new profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/brucepurdy/en

    Magician Bruce Purdy provides Fun Family Fundraising shows for PTA and school clubs

    The “Profile strength” meter graphic says that I am an “All-star” for whatever that is worth. I’m more interested in YOUR opinion.

  • David Garrity

    Here is my link to my linked in profile. Thanks in advance Mark!


  • Guest

    Hi Mark, great podcast episode, I signed up for linkedin a long time ago and then didn’t get any results so left it alone, here is my profile, I think this is the correct link?


    Would value your insights.



  • Fred Moore