MB 037: Understanding Agents With Ken Lindsay


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Understanding Agents

The Relationship Between Magician

And Booking Agent

Have you ever wondered what an agent thinks, what a booking agent wants, what will turn a booking agent away from wanting to represent you? In this episode Ken Lindsay from Dreamtime Agencies in South Africa ,who wears two hats as performer and agent,  tells all.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Becoming a magician is more about applying a process than having the ability to do magic.
  • Selling yourself in the third person. The pros and cons.
  • What do you need to know before approaching a booking agent?
  • Is there a relationship between entertainer and agent?
  • How to set up your own booking agency for entertainers
  • Clients always wait till the last moment to book. Be prepared.
  • What regulations exist for starting an agency?
  • What tax implications are they?
  • Contracts and what you need to know.
  • Dealing with refunds to clients
  • Can you hand out your business cards if you have been booked by an agent?
  • Entertainers have a gift. You have a skill that you can always use to earn you money. Never forget how valuable that is.

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Dreamtime Agency

Martino – influential magician from South Africa mentioned by Ken

Essential Video Guide – useful video tutorials

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  • steve wick

    There is a lot more in this interview than just agency stuff. The opening few lines about going full time being a mindset really grabbed my attention. Also very intersting to hear how loyalty and reasons for doing shows (passion vs money) can be such a big player in on going work. Most of the info in this can easily be used in my businesss without even considering using an agent.
    Thanks for sharing Ken Lindsay.

    • You know what Steve, if you FOCUSED on being the entertainer in your area who gave the BEST service I reckon that within 5 years you would be the entertainer in your area who gave the BEST service and then some more .. and you would be known as that within the market

      • steve wick

        I am sure you are right Julian and that is exactly what I am working towards now. All these podcast are filled with so many little gems that make a big difference when implemented. Because of them I have changed the way I sell my self and my shows and also now my shows are changing to help better serve the clients needs.
        Thanks to you and Ken for all your hard work. I love soaking up all this information and trying it out to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

  • Curtis The Mentalist

    I agree with you, Steve. Mindset is everything. It is easy for a struggling performer to become a bit mercenary and forget that business is really all about relationships and cultivating and maintaining good relationships is key to any business success; whether we are working with agents or not or whatever we are doing. Not that making money isn’t important, but if at the core if we aren’t about serving people with what we do then what’s the point? Thanks to Ken for coming on here and sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, and to Julian and Ken for making this information available to all of us. I truly believe if there’s ever been a case of “a rising tide raises ALL of the boats” these podcasts and the information on this site is it.

    • I love that ..a rising tide raises all the boats. You’ll no doubt here me use that soon enough Curtis

      • Curtis The Mentalist

        I’m not sure where exactly the phrase originated, but it is attributed often to President John F. Kennedy, who supposedly used the phrase often. If you want to take the metaphor a little further, even if my boat is rising it is up to me to still steer it to keep it from running ashore!