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– Over 40 years of sound wisdom shared –

David Ginn shares the business principles that he has used to make a living as a professional magician and children’s entertainer. This interview is a highlight for me (Ken) as my career as a children’s and family entertainer was sparked by reading David Ginn’s book Professional Magic for Children.

David’s website ginnmagic.com says…

Performer: David performs 300-400 shows yearly at schools, libraries, conventions, churches.
AUTHOR: Over 80+ books, audio tapes, and videos/DVDs on magic, comedy, entertaining; particularly children; and about promoting yourself as an entertainer.
He also has written over 250 columns for major magic and clown trade publications over the past 40 years.

David speaks openly about the 4 pillars that underpin his magic business and how he manages to balance performing, writing books and manuscripts, lecturing and running a mail order magic shop.

This episode of the magician business podcast is packed with information that is tried and tested.
David speaks about how he refuses to share anything that he hasn’t field tested and that his success and longevity in the business of magic is partly down to sharing what works.

In this episode we talk about

  • The balance between passion for magic and the real world
  • The book that got David started in Magic
  • David’s part in the Fantasio Cane and Candle Book
  • Tips on lecturing
  • Back-room sales techniques that seeks the high ticket items
  • The importance of being a specialist in your magic business

David Ginn was a pleasure to interview and a true gentleman. 
His generosity and willingness to share his wealth of information is truly inspirational and for those who listen, there is much wisdom in this episode.
David let slip that he has a new book in the pipeline where he will be compiling a lifetime of unpublished routines and material. I will be putting my name at the top of the list.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

David Ginn’s website https://www.ginnmagic.com
David Ginn on Youtube 
David Ginn on Facebook
John Booth http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/John_Booth


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  • steve wick

    Great interview Ken.
    David is one of those magicians that speaks so easily of his career path, and business philosophy. So much wisdom and experience jammed into 60 minutes and yet summed up perfectly with his gold nugget of wisdom at the end.

  • I hear the wisdom of specialising. Quite a few magicians have spoken about it, and really targeting your niche. I know where I want to focus – school and library shows. The tricky thing is building this kind of business while working full time at the moment. I only have the school holidays and weekends to do shows. So, my thought has been to build some birthday party business to finance a change from full time teacher to part time teacher so I can build my school shows business. The funny thing is, I am getting (gradually increasing) bookings from schools, churches and libraries (where my existing network is), and not really birthday parties. I am wondering whether to change tack and not worry about the birthday parties but instead spend my time marketing and building my network toward the school holidays shows in schools, then when I take the plunge to go part time in my teaching and offer school shows for during term then there will at least be a network of schools who’ve had me in their vacation care. These podcasts certainly get me thinking. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and experience of so many great role models.

  • Just finished listening to this. Wow. An hour episode, and yet clearly just scratching the surface of what David knows and can share. “Patter packs better than props” – love what this little phrase expresses!

  • Another great episode! Some of the gems I gleaned from this:

    Entertain, don’t fool.
    Something we hopefully all agree on.

    Reciprocity is the golden rule.
    If not for reciprocity, this site and podcast wouldn’t exist. It’s not like Ken or Julian are going to get rich off this. I’m just glad they wanted to do it – it’s the thing for which I had been searching.

    Learn what you are good at and like and concentrate on that.
    While it’s likely not Einstein who said this (as has been widely attributed), I still think it’s very applicable: Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

    No matter how passionate you are about something, bear in mind that others don’t necessarily share that passion.
    I think it’s also important to find others that share your passion, much like I have in the BYMS and Magician Business groups.

    Patter Packs better than Props
    Maybe it’s the alliteration, but I like the sound of this more than Pack Small Play Big.

    I’m looking forward to Kids Show Kompendium.