MB 026: Cruise Ship Magician – Part 2


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The Business of Becoming A Cruise Ship Magician Part 2

How To Land Yourself a Gig Doing Magic on Cruise Ships

Where do you start? Do you wish you had someone to guide you along the path, or should we say navigate you through the rocky waters of breaking into the cruise ship entertainment industry?

You would be hard pressed to find someone better than this episode’s guest. Fred Becker has been at sea performing magic on cruise ships for over 25 years.

Fred shares SO MUCH many great insights you’ll be reaching for your towel and suntan cream and heading out the door.


In this episode we talk about:

  • The growth of the cruise ship entertainment market. It’s a good time to be doing magic on cruise ships.
  • Are you the right type of magician to be going to sea?
  • Just what sort of act you need and how much time you need to be able to cover.
  • How lighting and sound requirements affect you.
  • The importance of understanding ‘theater’
  • The importance of ‘cruise directors’ and how they are critical to your success as a cruise magician.
  • Just how important your  promo reel is.
  • What makes a good promo reel for cruise ships.
  • How to approach work as an entertainer on a cruise line. Is it better with an agent or going it alone?
  • How much do cruise ship magicians get paid?
  • Practical steps to get started on your career as a ship magician.


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Fred Becker’s Cruise Ship Course: Gigs on Ships

Fred’s main site:   www.BeckerMagic.com

Also find Fred here:  www.FredBecker.com

If you missed last week’s episode, listen to it here: Cruise Ship Magic Part 1 with Stephen Cloete


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  • Wow, what an incredibly insightful interview. I’m not in a position where I see myself looking for cruise ship work any time soon, yet I still found it fascinating and listened right to the end. Julian, your questions were insightful – I think I saw on another comment you’ve never been on a cruise yourself so it is clear you did your homework! Thanks for the ongoing education.

  • Great interview and thanks to Fred for sharing. I’m not in a position (yet) where I feel like I would be a good fit for this type of work, but it is something I would consider at some point and definitely would consider taking Fred’s course at that time. I don’t know if he’s checking in here, but if so, have one question, and it’s probably answered in the free reports, which I plan on getting:

    than during the shows, what is the magician expected to do? I know some things were answered but I
    didn’t get a good idea of the day to day routine. Is your time totally your own other than when
    you do the show? I know you have to be personable, but I was presuming that there was more to it than just being friendly to other passengers.

    The comment about starting with your greatest effect on a show / promo reel reminded me of a business presentation course I once took, which basically said the same thing. If you start with the fact that you’ll save them 10 dollars a week on something, by
    the time you get to saving them a million, people have either left, or tuned

    • I like that Bart, “you’ll save them 10 dollars a week on something, bythe time you get to saving them a million, people have either left, or tuned

    • Fred Becker

      Hi Bart,

      Yes, other than performing your show, you have nothing but free time. You will have complete run of the ship, explore ports of call and generally live a life of leisure. It is wise to bring goals and projects to work on. Try to use your free time productively!

  • N Jay Jaybo Holtz

    Jaybo the Kid show entertainer asks again I notice the stage show entertainer gets the gig why not the kids show entertainer? I reiterate Bart If a kids show entertainer what is expected of him other then the entertainment. Is he expected to get involved in the day to day running of the daily cruise ship social meetings, and if so the who what where when and why? I know that you are always on, that your entertainer personality must carry with you even when your not on.