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Brian Glow Corporate Magician Ep 7 Magician Business Podcast


Behind The Business of a Corporate Magician

Business is all about measuring costs, not just financial, but also emotional. Brian Glow frankly talks about the highs and lows of life on the road as a seasoned corporate magician and you get insights by hearing some of the real stories, the real costs associated with this.

Who’s Brian Glow? Mind your own corporate business. Well, actually, Brian has been minding his for years; about 40 to be correct.

“This outstanding corporate magician and illusionist is recognized as one of the top specialists in his field of entertainment, magic, illusion, and special effects design. For over 40 years Brian Glow has performed for corporate events, sales meetings, new product launches, and trade show exhibits, featuring corporate entertainment in over 40 countries.

Brian Glow is the creator of one of the largest touring magic and illusion shows. This expert corporate illusionist works with a cast of up to 75 of dancers, assistants, and technicians. His concert productions have been touring throughout the world since 1977 to over 40 countries and has recently toured in Europe, Jamaica, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and a coast-to-coast in Canada.”

That’s the promo blurb, and as accurate in detail as it is, it doesn’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t let you see behind the scenes of what it takes to live the life and do the job of a corporate magician.

This episode of the Magician Business podcast pulls back the curtains a bit so we can get a glimpse of the reality of life on the road…

In this episode we talk about:

  • The amount of money corporate magicians earn
  • The different styles of work a corporate magician will do in a year
  • Feeding your clients ideas on HOW they can use your magic services
  • Is the most valuable training a magician could do is a degree in business?
  • How to balance your family life and why it’s so important in having the right partner to support you?
  • The stress and burn out of life on the road
  • Big shows that don’t go to plan
  • The benefits and disadvantages of working with large cast and crew
  • The expenses vs. profit of large shows
  • Marketing for magicians

Links and resources mentioned:

Find Brian at http://corporateandcasinomagician.com/


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  • Thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences. I love your podcasts and can’t wait to hear you talk about websites next week!

    • Ken Kelly

      Thank you Brian. Such valuable content.

    • Julian Mather

      This is the joy of podcasts that you are able stroll around benefit from other’s experience and learn. I listened to your podcast again last night Brian as I was doing some packing and I pulled out bits I had completely missed firdt time around.

    • Great interview guys! Brian is a wealth of information!

      • Ken Kelly

        Thanks for the comment David, I agree this is such valuable content.

  • Nigel Vaux

    I really appreciated Brian’s honesty in the interview about his life. It amazing to hear about the life someone can experience following their passion in magic.

    • Julian Mather

      The common theme that comes up with everyone who has ‘made it’ is that they have worked really hard to get there, and stay there.

  • Excellent podcast & very well done interview! I learned that this is exactly what I don’t want to do! At first it might appear to be a glamorous career but frankly, I think being a corporate magician is way too much work! Not for everyone!

    • This is half the battle won Christine: having that wisdom to know where not to stray. All of the disciplines in magic require certain strengths for sure. I an upcoming podcast episode David Ginn speaks about this at length, on how and why he chooses where he performs.

  • This is where I’ve been pointing my career the last couple of months, and I couldn’t be happier with the stories and in-the-trenches information in this podcast. Like episode #1, this is one I’ve listened to a couple of times, and am likely to again soon!