Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher!   Business Plans For Magicians or How To Make Money As a Magician Most successful magicians eg. Mac King and Lance Burton could make a living doing something else because they have understood the fundamentals of business. Magic is simply a tool to make a living. In this episode of Magician Business podcast, [...]

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! Marketing School Shows There’s power in a simple ‘thankyou’! How much time have you spent searching for cutting edge marketing strategies and clever software  that will elevate our magic business to the next level.  As worthwhile a pursuit as this is – it’s something Ken and I always do – there comes along every now [...]

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! Educational Magic For Corporate, Trade Show, Motivational, Sponsorship and School Magicians   It’s not often you get to introduce your guest like this: “He’s lousy at sleight of hand, he has the grace of an ox, and the only reason he looks good sometimes is because he married a beautiful woman.” Those are [...]

This brilliant resource was created by tentsocial. We have no association with them but give them a bit of link juice by popping over to say hi… and give this post 30 secs to load: it’s worth the few seconds wait!   What’s your next step? If you need a way to create your own [...]

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