Business Planning For Magicians

Whats Your Plan?

We magicians are a strange breed. We think we can do it all ourselves. We think we can put on theatre shows without the help of a director. We think we can just put up a website and that is our marketing done. We think we are the only business that doesn’t need a business plan; I have a great show and therefore the money will start flowing.

In these videos I take you through the areas we need to cover in making a plan.

You need a business plan, I need a business plan, Julian needs a business plan.

Julian shared something with me the other day. When he was first told he should have a plan he jumped right into it and started to create a mammoth sized document with projections (that he just guessed at). It was only when he asked for help was he told that was the completely wrong way to go about it.

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you need to take action


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Print it out and have it on hand as you watch this next video.
You will be glad you did.

Your business plan

A business plan is just that, a plan, a rough plotted road map for you to follow.

Here are 5 simple reasons you MUST do this.

1. To avoid big mistakes:
2. To counterbalance your emotions
3. To make sure everyone’s on the same page:
4. To develop a game plan:
5. To show you what money is involved.

Identify your market

Take a moment to think about what your offering is and who will buy this offering. In this example I use kids magic but the formula is the same for all types of magic and all types of businesses. Grab a pen and paper and write down your packages and markets as you follow along.

These videos are sort of a mental warm up. After watching them you can download the Business Plan template and work on it straight away. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy – and inspiring – this can be.

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Take action now by sharing what you are going to do in your business in the comments section below. By putting it down in writing you are making a commitment and inviting accountability from the magician business community. Share your plans with us and let’s encourage each other.

Have you made a life plan? No?! Then see How To Make A Life Plan For Magicians

Meet the Author

Ken Kelly

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  • That is fantastic guys! You have removed all the rubbish facades that I believed revolved around a business plan and have made it into a simple, still slightly challenging, but interesting and useful tool.
    Thanks Heaps!!

    • Ken Kelly

      Thanks for the comment Steve. What are your plans in your magic business?

      • Ken I have fixed my main goal of going full time to the end of Dec 2015. My shorter term goals is to be averaging 3 birthday party shows a week by the end of June 30 2015. I have to work on averages as my current day job consumes full months of my time at certain parts of the year. I also have a goal to have 10 educational centres (primary and preschool) on my annual booking list by May 30 2015. That ones is probably my biggest jump as at the moment I only have 2 and it is difficult to get them once the year starts.
        I plan to continue to use social media and create funnels to my website while also promoting through community involvement and canvasing areas where large numbers of children and parents visit like schools and sporting and social clubs with flyers and posters.
        My goal for educational centres requires making phone calls and sending information and making more phone calls and sending more information.
        As well as developing a new show themed on Respect.

        • Julian Mather

          Hi Steve, Julian here, (Ken’s sleeping) That is a very achievable 18 month plan. You are going to nose to the grindstone to do it but there is mo other way as far as I’m concerned. It basically comes down to when you’re not doing shows you are marketing and this is what most people miss. They do an hour a week and complain work is not coming in. All the top corporate people I know getting work are not looking at the phone waiting for it to ring.

          On the school show around Respect, ask your self why? I had the same thought because it was a valuable topic for me and I failed big time. You need to market research this. I am not saying it won’t work for you, you just meed to remember you need a thirsty crowd before you can sell water. I”l get Ken to respond to.

          • Julian my main reason for this is that it always seems to be high on the agenda for schools these days. Even today I was at a school organising to get flyers sent home with all the kids. and on the wall as one of their key elements of class etiquette in big letters was RESPECT.
            I also do think its a valuable topic and thank you for helping me question my reasons. I will investigate further. As far as creating the show, I don’t think it’s that difficult. Marketing may prove different and more expensive though.

        • Ken Kelly

          The way you have structured your goals is called SMART planning.
          Specific – target a specific area for improvement.
          Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
          Assignable – specify who will do it.
          Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
          Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

          Fantastic work Steve, I look forward to hearing your progress. Please revisit this post from time to time when you meet a milestone so we can follow along.

  • T. J. Regul

    Thank you for this information. I want to quit my day job and become a full time pro before next summer. My target market is Moms planning birthday parties, librarians, school teachers, and event planners. I would like to have 50 bookings and a completed website before December 31st.

    • Ken Kelly

      Hi T.J.
      I like that you have put your goal in writing here on the site. Research shows that by committing to something in writing makes us more likely to achieve the goal. Please keep up up to date with his this goes for you. We will aim to provide information to help you along your way. “Alone I can’t, Together we can.”

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  • Thank you for sharing this valuable information – you guys have given me so much to chew on!

    • Julian Mather

      I find this part of the process really gets my mind cogs turning too. Every year I revisit this and make updates and course adjustments.

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  • Tony Maskell

    Hi guys…you may remember me….I started very keen last January, then got bogged down, so have sat staring at the phone….(terrible I know)….In the 12 months from last Jan, we did 42 shows. But for months now it’s just been two shows a month. I love it when I’m performing, and long to give up my day job (very boring). I have a reasonable web site, but have just realised my kids show page is too “grown up” …..This business plan idea too, I think that may be the key….. if you have the time, would be awesome iif you would take a quick look at each page of my web site, and post your thoughts…..Thanks

    • Hi Tony, I agree that the business plan is the key that opens the door. For me it acts as a route map and if you know where you are going, it’s so much easier to get there.

  • Brett Cantrell

    Great videos Ken! I’ve been down the road and back with business plans, but you’ve given some GREAT ideas here. I highly recommend that others give a listen!

    • Thanks Brett, glad you found it usefull.